St Mary the Virgin, St Neots


Dick Newell


10th May 2007


St Neots

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For some years, the vicar and PCC of St Neots parish church have appreciated the potential of the church for breeding Swifts (see here ). Following approaches by Ann Scott, permission was granted to install 2 cabinets, each containing 6 nest-boxes on the north side of the tower. The church is in a magnificent setting for Swifts, with an almost cathedral-like presence in the town (see here ).

The boxes have been painted with a grey-green paint. and then coated with coarse sand to give the impression of stone-work. Placed behind the netting that exludes other birds, this finish provides a good match with the surrounding masonry.

A speaker system, with timer switch has been installed to play London's Swifts calls CD.

The Action for Swifts team included Bob Tonks, Bill Murrells and Dick Newell.

Update 2010: Following CD playing in 2007 and 2008 with the help of church warden, the late Tim Griffiths - who was always most helpful on this project, CD playing was resumed in 2010 by David Gill, who did a great job installing high quality sound equipment resulting in a single pair of Swifts occupying the bottom left box.




Previous Picture All Saints, Landbeach

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